Despite Valentine’s Day was in February, the following infographic provides a different look to this special day. What is more, the infographic shows interesting facts related to Irish traditions and modern Ireland.

In Ireland, this love is honored in very special way. The casket was enshrined in the church and has remained there ever since.
As for the Irish traditions, an Irish bride would carry a handkerchief with her on her wedding day. A handkerchief was taught to symbolize fertility. On the remote Aran Islands off the coast of County Galway, a woman who wanted to woo her love would knit him an Aran sweater.

When it comes to modern Ireland, almost 1 in 4 people have tried online dating and 1 in 10 have lied on an online dating profile. The modern ways Irish men show affection include cooking their partner a „full fry-up” on a Sunday morning. Of course, remembering put the toilet seat down.



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