The quest for life longevity is as old as history itself. Good genes are a blessing, but they can help only so much. The rest is all up to you. Let’s take a look at the habits of those who live the longest so we too may live to a ripe old age. This amazing infographic describes how to live longer as provides statistics about life expectancy as well as guidance on food and lifestyle.

Particularly, the infographic focuses on the life expectancy in Australia. Life expectancy in Australia has steadily increased since 1960 and is expected to increase through 2020.

Adding years to your life does not need to involve strict diet or extreme exercising, surprisingly, a few of the following tips involve simply enjoying your life.

Very beneficial to your health would be consumption of porridge and berries, drinking wine and cooking with turmeric. When it comes to your lifestyle, tip number one is to restrict your work week. Of course, have more sex and exercise on regular basis. Read the full infographic thoroughly to understand the secret of living longer.



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