The following infographic, created by a British shoe retailer, have picked their top footwear trends for 2016. Expect to see lots of bright, bold colours and trendy trainers. The infographic includes a round-up of 2015. Guess which was the most popular shoe? What is more, the infographic shows some cool facts – like when humans first started actually wearing shoes and how much the most expensive pair in the world actually cost!

According to the infographic, in 2015 almost £1 billion, a week was spent on clothing and footwear in the UK. Fashion and trends have been around for years and it is an English designer that is considered the „father of haute couture”. Among the best-selling footwear brands of 2015 are Converse, LelliKelly, also and FLY.

When it comes to the designer style trends for 2016, the infographic describes the forecasted footwear trends. For example, this summer the main must-have will be the Menorcan Sandal. Besides, it is expected that 2016 is going to be the year of the rubber sole – the whiter, the brighter, the better. Take a look at the full infographic below.



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