In 2012, Americans bought a whopping 269 million cases of Bud Light with total sales amounting to $5.45 billion. This infographic shows the top selling domestic beers in the United States in 2012. Keep in mind that data is based on the most recent 52-week person, and sales from supermarkets, drugstores, gas/convenience stores and mass market retailers excluding Walmart.

So, on the third place for most sold cases comes Coors Light. Surprisingly or not, the second place is for Budweiser. It is interesting that both Coors Light and Budweiser sold an equal number of cases – 102 million. The winner is Bud Light that outnumbers both Coors Light and Budweiser nearly twice.

When it comes to total sales, the statistics is the same. Bud Light sales outnumber both Budweiser and Coors Light.



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