Taking lengthy and tiring personality tests is only one of the many ways of gaining insights into your own or someone else’s personality. There are interesting resorts as well such as taking a look at the shoes of those around you. If you see someone walking with an air of superiority and trotting in stilettos, the lady might be bossy. Some who comes to office sporting a pair of sneakers daily is definitely an admirer of comfort over style. These are some of the basic categorizations of personality attributes that one can gain an understanding of by observing the way people dress i.e. by their clothes, shoes and accessories.

The infographic conceptualized by Zelenshoes.com particularly focuses on the attributes of those who wear brands like Converse, Dr. Martins, VANS and Havaianas. Those who wear Converse are the kind of people who know that the best does not need to shout for attention, as it is attracts attention naturally. Other than talking about statistical finding and brand positioning, the infographic also contains a quiz that takes only five minutes of your time and gives apt results pertaining to your personality type. All in all, the infographic is a fine mix of information and analysis.

Talk the Walk: What Your Shoes Say about Your Personality

Source: http://blog.zelenshoes.com/talk-walk-shoes-say-personality/