This infographic illustrates a quite interesting summary of a comprehensive research on all the transport options from the 50 most popular airports in Europe and collected information on price, time, frequency and overall convenience. Do you know it is faster to take the train or the bus from Heathrow Airport? Or maybe you are wondering if Uber is cheaper than a taxi in Paris?

According to the infographic, the biggest airports in Europe are Heathrow, Charles de Gaulle, Istanbul Ataturk and Frankfurt airports. The list is based on the total passengers per year. You will find in the infographic list of the airports that are closest to the city center including Berlin Tegel Airport, Geneva Cornavin and Copenhagen Airport.

In case you are interested how to get to each of the airports mentioned this infographic will definitely help you. There is a chart showing whether you can get to the airport by bus, train, taxi and Uber. Additionally, comparison of the transfer cost between these transportation means is provided as well.



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