Looking to eat a little healthier and drop a few pounds. Check out these ten food swaps that will save you major calories.

186 CALORIES SAVED Skip the carb-y stuff and sneak some extra veggies into your day with this simple (and delicious!) spaghetti substitute.

SPAGHETTI 2 oz. cooked 190 calories ZUCCHINI NOODLES 2 oz. 4 calories 22 CALORIES SAVED Get the crunch you crave plus iron, calcium, and vitamins A and C when you trade the greasy stuff for a staple superfood. POTATO CHIPS 1 oz 150 calories KALE CHIPS 1 oz 128 calories 10 FOOD SWAPS THAT SAVE MAJOR CALORIES GET RID OF…. EAT THIS INSTEAD… 64 CALORIES SAVED Get a serious protein and calcium boost from Greek yogurt, which makes a great base for creamy dips, dressings and sauces. MAYO 1 Tbsp. 100 Calories GREEK YOGURT 1 Tbsp. 36 calories 21 CALORIES SAVED Save on calories and still feel satisfied with this swap, thanks to the healthy fats and fiber found in avocado. CREAM CHEESE 1 Tbsp. 45 Calories AVOCADO 1 Tbsp. pureed 24 calories 45 CALORIES SAVED Fill up on flavor plus heart-healthy fats and fiber when you replace just one slice of cheese with hummus.

SLICED AMERICAN CHEESE 1 slice 70 calories HUMMUS 1 Tbsp. 25 calories 124 CALORIES SAVED Say goodbye to traditional fries, full of empty calories and bad fat, and say hello to healthy with homemade sweet potato fries. Just spray with cooking spray, toss with cinnamon and bake. FRENCH FRIES small serving 229 calories BAKED SWEET POTATO FRIES 1 potato 105 calories 47 CALORIES SAVED Add a touch of butter and a splash of low-fat milk to boiled cauliflower and mash away. You’ll save calories and load up on calcium, B6, magnesium and vitamin C. MASHED POTATOES 1∕3 cup 80 calories CAULIFLOWER MASH 1∕3 cup 33 calories 192 CALORIES SAVED Cut the calorie count in half with this simple swap you won’t even notice, and save on bad fat, too. GROUND BEEF, 4 oz. 312 calories GROUND TURKEY BREAST 4 oz. 120 calories 50 CALORIES SAVED Cut calories and load up on filling fiber when you opt for whole wheat sandwich thins instead of the white stuff.

WHITE HAMBURGER POTATO ROLL 1 roll 150 calories WHOLE WHEAT SANDWICH THIN 1 thin 100 calories 37 CALORIES SAVED Add your favorite fruit to low-fat plain yogurt, and save calories while boosting your fiber and vitamin intake. FRUIT ON THE BOTTOM LOW-FAT YOGURT 1 container 150 calories LOW-FAT PLAIN YOGURT (1 container) + ¼ cup STRAWBERRIES 113 calories menu makeover.



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