Depending on the religion, there are different burial customs around the world. There are many religions across the world, and likewise, there are a broad diversity of burial traditions. This infographic explores some of the most remarkable burial customs in the world, including cannibalism and sky burials.

The infographic provides a brief description of each burial custom and the beliefs related to it. For instance, the Famadihana burial takes place in Madagascar. Famadihana is a funerary tradition of the Malagasy people in Madagascar. In fact, Famadihana is a way of the Malagasy people to remember their dead relatives and loved ones from time to time.

Another significant funerary tradition dates back to Ancient China. This ancient ritual practised by the old Chinese Dynasties involved the displaying of coffins on high rock cliffs. People believed that coffins needed to be close to the sky so that their dead can be closer to heaven.

Check out the full infographic below for the rest of illustrated extraordinary funeral traditions from across the world.



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