Nowadays, RVing is a very popular way to travel and relax. It is estimated that shipments of RVs are booming, and the following infographic shows the why Americans are motivated to RV.

According to the infographic, more than 9 million households these days own an RV. So, this is the highest level ever recorded! As for the shipment trends, while 252,300 RVs were shipped in 2011, shipments increased to more than 300,000 in 2014. But why are Americans motivated to RV/camp?

The infographic lists the main reasons why Americans love RVing. Among the given answers are money savings, spending time with family and friends, escaping the grind.

Furthermore, the infographic provides interesting facts about RVs and camping. So, the average RV owner is 48 years old, and there is even an island for RVs. Moreover, a nuclear family travelling by RV on vacation can save them up to 59 percent on their vacation cost.


Source: http://www.rvcovers.com/pages/r-r-and-rving

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