One of the traditional campfire delight for Americans – s’mores – has changed in the recent years. The s’mores’ origins are humble in nature. However, today they are more into gourmet delicacies like macaroons. Take a look at the infographic giving 10 incredible facts you want to know about S’Mores.

As a sweet delight, you should be aware of the sugar content of an s’more. It is estimated that the approximate content of sugar is 9.9 grams.

In case you want to make s’more indoors consider buying s’more maker gadget. You do not need to go outdoors, no campfire required to make s’mores bars to love.

Another incredible fact is related to the largest s’more made. It weighed in at a whopping 121 kg. On the other hand, there are Americans who do hate the S’mores. Believe or not, some described them as „a monstrous mess“. Read the full infographic below to know more about the s’mores.


Source: http://www.healthlisted.com/10-incredible-facts-you-want-to-know-about-smores

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