Beard transplantation have been here for a while, but men are spending thousands on beard transplants. So, you might ask why do people go for facial hair transplant? Turns out it is not just for hipsters.

This infographic describes important beard transplants facts especially for those considering beard transplantation. According to the infographic, acne leaves many people with facial scars in later life. Moreover, it is believed that beards symbolise power and virility. Consequently, the number of beard transplant procedures worldwide has risen by 600% between 2004 and 2014. As for what women think, 2/3 of them would prefer to date a bearded man over a clean-shaven man. However, you should know that 98% of the Forbes Rich List are clean-shaven.

Another great feature of the infographic is the showcase of the most requested celebrity beards. Among the listed are the George Clooney Full Beard and Tom Selleck Pornstache.



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