Having a pool in your own backyard can be a great idea, especially during hot weather where you get to enjoy the water in private or with a bunch of friends. If you own one or are thinking about it, here is how to maintain your pool.

1. Keep the pool clean by removing debris and scrubbing it on a regular basis

With regular use, the pool is bound to get dirty from tree leaves, bugs and even other objects such as papers. Ensure you remove these regularly to keep it sparkling clean.

2. Ensure your pool has a water filter

A water filter is very important in a pool in the same way kidneys are to the body. In addition to removing floating objects from the pool, it will also remove things like dirt and small toys.

3. Use pool chemicals correctly

Various chemicals are used in the pool to ensure the safety of the water when swimming. However, due to their cost and the work involved, one may be tempted to skip parts of the routine. The dangers of these can range from murky water, water that irritates the skin or even water that is not safe to swim in.

4. Baking soda, an alternative for expensive chemicals

In case you feel like all the required pool chemicals cost you a lot of money, then you may consider using baking soda. It will serve the same purpose and will cost a whole lot less.

5. Shock your pool whenever it gets cloudy

Cloudy pool water is not a pleasant site, especially after a pool party. If the pool water gets cloudy, consider shocking the pool yourself or have someone do it professionally.

6. Keep the pool water at the recommended water level

Various activities may cause the pool water to rise or drop than the normal. Maintaining the correct water level is important because of safety reasons.

7. Get rid of pool oils using tennis balls

Apart from being used during game time, when tennis balls are left in swimming pool water, the ball fibers will absorb oils leaving it cleaner than before.

8. Power wash the pool deck regularly

Just like with the pool itself, the pool area requires regular cleaning. The power wash will give it that extra shine.

9. Have your pool and its equipment regularly serviced

You may be doing a great job at maintaining your pool and its cleaning equipment, but at least once a year, you should call in an expert. A pool expert will ensure everything is functioning properly.

10. Prepare adequately for winter

Pools may get damaged when they are not properly prepared secured during winter. Do what is expected to avoid any unnecessary costs and damages.


Source: http://www.cvpprojects-swimmingpools.com/blog/

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