If you have lived on the planet Earth for the past 5 years, there is no chance you haven’t heard for Airbnb. Moreover, if you like travelling and do not want to spend a lot of money booking hotels or creepy hostels. Airbnb is a Couchsurfing site where you can rent unique accommodations from local hosts in 190+ countries. The idea behind Airbnb is to feel at home anywhere you go in the world. Airbnb is one of the most popular and successful CouchSurfing sites, but there are some other Airbnb tough competitors as well. You can find many Airbnb reviews on the Web regarding Airbnb London, Airbnb NYC, Airbnb Singapore or Airbnb India.

Turning to the history of Airbnb the following infographic shows how 3 guys went from renting air mattresses to a 10 billion dollar company. Airbnb history started when two guys (Joe and Brian) couldn’t pay their rent in San Francisco. Afterwards, they invited their former roommate (Nathan) as a co-founder to build the site. Check out the infographic below to understand more about the amazing history of Airbnb.



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