Buying a home with your partner (or someone else) can be a huge help to get on the property ladder. If you are not married and buying a property with your partner, it can be tricky if things do not work out. Luckily, some simple planning can protect you both financially if you go your separate ways. So, this infographic describes 9 tips for buying a home together.

First and foremost, you and your partner should identify the priorities. In other words, what you are both looking for in a property. Additionally, the are more questions to be answered listed in the infographic.

Second, agree on the type of ownership and discuss how you will share ownership. According to the infographic, there are two options – joint tenants and tenants in common.
Furthermore, both of you should check your Experian Credit Reports to see if they paint the best possible picture of you.

Check out the full infographic for the rest of useful tips for buying a home together.


Source: https://www.propertysaviour.co.uk/infographic-9-tips-for-buying-a-home-with-your-partner/

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