Technology is creeping into all aspects of our lives, even when it comes to eating. There is now a whole host of food apps available to cater for your every need, from reserving a table at a restaurant to teaching you how to figure out if a certain type of fruit is ripe or not. So, the following infographic shows the food apps you should know about.

First, the best app for dinner reservations – Opentable. Fortunately, the app is completely free and compatible with both Android OS and iOS. This application allows you to discover, explore and resource restaurant reservations from anywhere in the world.

Next, another free food app is Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List. It provides access to a comprehensive library of high-quality recipes. Furthermore, do not miss the best mobile application for counting calories – Calorific. Unfortunately, the app is only available for iOS devices.

Read on the full ultimate food app guide infographic below to discover the full list of useful food apps.



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