The new updated ICD Diagnosis Codes is here and with it, some very weird codes were included. The infographic showcases diagnosis codes that seem a little crazy.

In the beginning, the infographic shows ICD-10 codes you won’t believe will exist. They were released to bill as October 1st, 2015. For example, the code for Street Lamp Incidents. Sounds funny, but the diagnosis is walking into a lamp post. It is estimated that in 2008 1000 people were surveyed, and 10% of them had suffered injuries while walking and texting. Among the other bizarre codes are related to in-law problems, siblings that do not get along, trapped in a fridge, projectile golf ball, etc.

One of the most unusual diagnosis is struck by orca, initial encounter. From 1967 to 2012 there have been a recorded 141 incidents with killer whales and humans. Besides, this infographic provides an overview of the new diagnosis.


Source: http://www.curely.co/blog/8-weird-ehealth-diagnosis-codes/

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