Having muscle is more than just strength and how you look on the outside. Muscles play a role in your body’s movement, balance, and posture, as well as your metabolism and even facial structure. While maintaining your muscles can be more challenging as you get older, science has shown that we can all be strong no matter what age.

This animated infographic explains 5 things You Need to Know about muscle health. In general, the good news is that the good news is muscle loss can be reversed. Maintaining muscles goes beyond strength. Muscles play a key role in the movement, including balance and posture, and the body’s metabolism.

It is important to start thinking about the health of muscles, similar to how we look at things like bone health. Read the full infographic for more valuable information in terms of maintaining and improving your muscle health.

Graphic- Muscle-Loss-Animated-infographic-plaza

Source: http://www.nutritionnews.abbott/strength-muscle/strong-is-the-new-50.html

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