You may state that iron weights were made for golfers. Nowadays, Kettlebells have turned out to be globally known for how it can enhance your hip and center quality. As a golfer, these are two of the most critical requirements. These weight exercises are intended to fortify the muscles which enable your golf to improve by hitting the ball further and you will have more control over the club way.

Here are some of the benefits of Kettlebell exercises to help you as a Golfer

Increased Fitness & Performance

Increased Control Path/Swing

Increased Distance

Injury Prevention

A typical issue for golfers in the hip and lower back areas which are known as osteoporosis. Diet is rich in vitamin D and calcium help maintain the distance from osteoporosis and you can play without any worry. Various research demonstrates that quality preparation with targeted strength training stands out as the best approach to counter osteoporosis. Deadlifts, squats, and shoulder presses help to increase bone thickness which enables a golfer’s body to bear the endurance level required to play.



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