Preparing the perfect lunch or dinner is always the ultimate goal. One of the most common meals is roasted chicken, especially in USA and Europe. Having that in mind, surprisingly many cooking enthusiasts struggle to come up with delicious roast chicken. Here comes the following infographic that will show you how to prepare the perfect roast chicken.

First, you need to know the main steps of the recipe. According to the infographic, there are 4 basic steps in the preparation process. However, every of them could be tricky and cause failure.

Furthermore, there is a difference between roasting breasts, whole bird or wings. The infographic provides the best temperature for each chicken part and the perfect roast time. What is more, you should read and learn the whole chicken roasting variations. They are divided into classic, speedy, crispy, rotisserie and oven ready. The main factors are baste, time, min/lb, temp and style. To be sure that you will prepare the roast chicken of your life read the full infographic below.



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