Since the rise of smartphones, cameras have been improved significantly and nowadays most of us take amazing photos using our smartphones. However, taking the perfect photo could be challenging. Even taking the perfect selfie requires more than just staring at the front camera and smiling. On the other hand, another great problem is being limited in available space for storing your photos and videos. Therefore, one of the best cloud storage for photos, pCloud, created the following infographic providing 10 tips for taking great smartphone photos.

First, start with focusing on one subject only as it is easier composition-wide. Next, forget about zooming and turn off your flash. If need more light, increase your camera’s exposure value (EV) and ISO.

Furthermore, it is recommended to use HDR wherever possible. This is particularly useful when your photos have high contrast. One vital tip is to find the right angle for your photo. Mainstream photos are either taken from above or from the front. Shooting from a different angle will bring originality to your photo.

Do not expect to be perfect from the first try. Take as many photos as you can, choose the ones you like the most or use them for editing. In case you are out of storage on your smartphone, consider using the best secure cloud storage.


Source: https://blog.pcloud.com/10-tips-for-better-phoneography/

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