Getting a good quality paint job doesn’t come easy, which is why most people prefer leaving it to the experts. Though it is hard, learning can be quite easy once you know the tips and tricks to apply. Here are some of them:

Painting tends to be messy, that’s why you should protect the surfaces that you don’t want paint on, before you begin. Use cotton drop cloths instead of plastics to protect surfaces from spills and chose the heavy ones since they do not require any taping to keep in place.

As you start to paint, ensure that you gather all your painting equipment including all the paint you will need for a room. You will also be required to mix all the cans of paints to be used in a room in a large bucket. Paint colors vary from can to can which means that if you keep changing colors in a room, the difference will be visible and the results won’t be very appealing.

Another tip that is quite important is getting the surface you want to paint cleaned before the process begins. Dirty surfaces make the paint chip and peel quite easily. Clean all grime with a deglosser or any other heavy duty cleaner. This will help in the adhesion of the paint giving you a strong bond.

In case you are wondering where to begin when painting, experts prefer to start with the trims, then the ceiling and finally the walls. This is because taping the trims which occupy a small space is quite easy compared to starting with any other surface.



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