Branding can be a difficult thing. Branding positions a product or a person for a specific audience, and must translate across many different mediums and assets. Now how do you do that when you don’t have a specific audience, but rather your audience is the whole country? Here is a look at how the two candidates for POTUS have gone about this task.

Trump has used constant repetition to make his baseball hat (and slogan) truly iconic. The hat serves as an extra billboard and reinforces the „Make American Great Again” slogan every time he wears it (which is very often). Genius move.

Hillary’s campaign staffers developed a witty slogan named „Love Trumps Hate.” The slogan has gone on to be featured on countless bumper stickers, t-shirts, signs, and other promotional materials. Moreover, it has also been modified to insert alternative nouns for both „Love” and „Hate.”



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