They say a company is sustainable if it makes double it spends on profit. It is also said that the company is growing if you manage to make 5 times as much in revenue than you spend.

Only half of startups make it through the first five years. What’s more, only one-third survive and endure for 10 years.

A lot of books like Eat the frog offer solutions on how to advance your business by improving your professional life bit by bit. But, what’s the one thing you should do to make sure your company is growing? You should create a growth strategy for your business, that’s right. But, this is only the first step.

A growth strategy is definitely more than just a simple plan. It needs to be a tangible plan and a measurable plan. If you do not measure and scale your business moves you may end up losing the battle to your competitors and joining the 50% of startups that gave up.

If you don’t think you belong there, here is 10 commandments of business growth that you absolutely need to do to make your business grow.


Source: https://jobrack.eu/blog/10-commandments-business-growth/

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