Whatever exciting adventure you embark on next, it can be extremely dangerous. There are ways you can make your travel more secure and enjoyable. This great travel infographic shows the worst and best places to visit and 20 handy tips. The following infographic provides useful tips how to stay safe when travelling. As stated in the infographic, the 10 worst cities for travelling are Nairobi, Peshawar, Bogota, San Pedro Sula, Sana, Cape Town, Guatemala City, Baltimore (Maryland), Detroit (Michigan) and Port Moresby.

On the contrary, the 10 best destinations for travel safety are Hilo, Copenhagen, Seoul, Toronto, Reykjavik, Tokyo, Zurich, Dubrovnik, Singapore City and Stockholm. Additionally, you can see the top 20 travel tips you can’t afford to ignore. For example, convert some of your cash into traveller’s cheques for added security.



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