In case you are a frequent visitor of eLearning blogs and love reading about education trends than you have stumbled upon the following eLearning blogs, illustrated in the infographic below. The following infographic shows top 10 most influential eLearning bloggers for 2015. Moreover, the infographic provides their Twitter profiles to follow them if you are interested.

The list of the top 10 most influential eLearning bloggers includes as follows: Cathy Moore, Christopher Pappas, Ryan Tracey, Janet Clarey, David Hopkins, Connie Malamed, Jane Bozarth, John Leh, Tom Kuhlmann and Craig Weiss. All of them run successful eLearning organizations all over the world with the idea to save the world from illiteracy and boring institutions. Because of their hard work and innovative methods they have thousand followers on Twitter.



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