It is believed that Gen Z is more realistic instead of optimistic compared to Gen Y. Generation Z is the generation born between 1994 and 2010. It is estimated that first wave of Gen Z will enter the workforce in 2016. In that context, this infographic explains visually what to expect from Gen Z.

According to this infographic, the new grads are even more entrepreneurial and loyal in their approach to careers as opposed to Millennials.
Less than 1 in 5 actually think that is possible to retire by the age of 60. One in three wants to become managers in the next 5 years. When it comes to technology, almost 4 in 5 display symptoms of emotional distress when kept away from their personal electronic devices.

Furthermore, the infographic reveals the Gen Z workplace expectations and attitudes to education and development.

As for the entrepreneurship interests of Gen Z grads, the majority think they are more driven than their peers.


Source: https://www.brightonsbm.com/

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