The VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology was founded by Alan Cohen and Lior Haramary in 1989. In the past years became tremendously popular and used by businesses of all sizes across the globe. This infographic explains how VoIP could benefit businesses.
A reported 41% of UK businesses are currently using VoIP to make and take calls – and the figure is increasing. The exponential growth of VoIP for business shows no signs of slowing with another 55% added in the past year.

Furthermore, the infographic illustrates the growth of VoIP chronologically for those not familiar with that matter.
There are several advantages associated with using VoIP as opposed to traditional phone systems. Whilst traditional phone lines are static; VoIP allows you to access your calls from anywhere in the world. Besides, VoIP has been able to save some businesses as much as 40-90% on their current call costs. Moreover, you can do things like place outbound calls through Outlook or other email clients, or bring up a customer record with that customer’s inbound calls.


Source: https://www.vcwarehouse.com/VoIP-Inforgraphic-s/1924.htm

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