We thought a smart phone is the end in terms of ease of use and utilitarian features. Not really. More products are emerging that may challenge the smartphone. Take a look at the wearables of the future in this informative infographic.

The infographic covers the main types of wearables as follows: optics, watches and clothing. Among the cited types of wearables are Google glasses, Avegant, Jawbone, FitBit, Pebble, Samsung Gear, Nike, Olio Mobile, CuteCircuit. Additionally, you can read more about the notorious Google Glasses and Pebble watch.

What is more, this technology infographic provides valuable information about the smart textiles, activity trackers and health monitors. Moreover, head-mounted displays and smartwatches are mentioned.


Source: http://www.centrictel.com/sh404SEF-custom-content/wearables-of-the-future.html

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