When you make over 2 million unique holiday cards every year, you learn a lot about people. For many, a holiday card is their most important message of the year, so who they include in their card reveals a lot about who they are. So when you open a holiday card only to find a dog, a cat, a bird, or a horse, what does that tell you?

Minted took a look at a representative sample of all the holiday cards we helped make in 2016. An amazing 13% of them featured pets. And then we started asking questions.

Fast Facts:

• In the USA, dog and cat ownership is roughly equivalent, but when it comes to sending a holiday message, there is no comparison: 92% dogs. 4% cats. Cats rule the internet, but dogs rule the holiday card.

• Keeping in mind the dog-centric nature of Holiday cards, you’d think that the states with the most dog ownership would have the most dog holiday cards. Wrong! Dog ownership favors the south, but 3 of the top 4 states for holiday cards from pets and their humans are up north.

• Last year, we calculated that 23% of all the Minted holiday cards that featured a pet had no humans. Just think about that: a personal holiday greeting from an animal that you’ve likely never had a 5 minute conversation with.

• West Virginia clinched the most solo pets title just ahead of Maine, with 9% and 8% of their cards featuring just a pet. That’s 3 times the national average.



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