Burn injuries can happen in an instant and can have a multitude of causes — from defective products to extremely hot food being served in a restaurant — or an improperly set water heater.

This infographic illustrates some of the basic facts about burns including causes, treatment costs, and statistics. One interesting fact is that most burn injuries occur inside of the home, rather than outside the home. Another helpful section in the infographic is the illustration of the different types of burns (1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree burns) and the detailed information about treatment options and what parts of the body are affected by each type of burn.

Treating severe burns can be expensive, so it’s wise to consider legal options if any type of negligence contributed to your injury. A qualified burn injury lawyer may be able to help you recover funds for treatment expenses, lost wages, and pain & suffering.


Source: https://www.walkermorgan.com/#burn-infographic

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