As staffing companies know, part of moving fast is attracting the best quality candidates. However, your organization can’t do that without a solid digital marketing presence. How? Well for one thing, without a strong digital presence, the best candidates won’t even know you exist. And without a strong digital presence, your brand could be dragged through the mud without you even knowing it.

Here are two tips for making your organization a digital marketing dynamo. Made by the occupational healthcare experts at Mobile Health, this infographic illustrates tips about how to get your digital marketing in order.

This infographic was made specifically with the needs of medical staffing companies in mind, and organizations looking for more great advice can find it in Mobile Health’s E book, Winning the Placement Race, available now. In it, hospital staffing firms can look forward to game changing strategies about digital marketing, electronic document management systems, and how consolidating pre-employment health screenings can save them both time and money.


Source: http://www.mobilehealth.net/digital-marketing-tips-companies-need-to-know/

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