If you may have noticed, more people are choosing to buy online, and these eCommerce trends will shape how you do business in 2020. You must understand how trends come and go to remain competitive in the eCommerce market.

ECommerce is gearing up for some massive changes from how people shop to the way online businesses are managed. The impact of COVID-19 and social media marketing are among the biggest drivers of change. For instance, a big eCommerce company like has been the primary benefactor of this growth. With 55% of shoppers making their purchase through a social media platform, it makes sense why businesses are shifting online.

Keeping up with eCommerce trends is paramount to growing your business. With Q1 coming to a close and COVID-19 becoming a major global issue, make sure to refocus your efforts on what’s important to you personally, and what’s essential to your business. Use these trends as your guide on how to do just that.



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