Spend some time with warehousing and fulfillment vendors and you will no doubt experience an endless barrage of industry buzzwords. Words like “multipack” and “consignee” are all used in our industry, but often customers don’t know what they mean.

With that in mind, the following infographic illustrates a handy dictionary of definitions of these terms. Hopefully, this aids you in navigating the world of fulfillment. Many terms in the scope of fulfillment will be introduced and explained to you. The list of described definitions includes the meaning of air cushions, consignee, bill of lading, bundling and customs broker.

What is more, the terms such as detailed inspection, duty fees, inner carton and inserts are disclosed briefly to the attention of the reader. All of the mentioned fulfillment terms are related to popular fulfillment services and running a fulfillment warehouse.


Source: http://www.warehousingpro.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Fulfillment-Dictionary.png

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