Did you know that 73% of online stores fail to understand the reason behind their massive shopping cart abandonment? Did you also know that 68.63% is the average online shopping abandonment rate?

These numbers are a big deal, reflecting millions of dollars of potential sales lost. But what can be done? The answer is simple: Conversion Rate Optimization.

The infographic below illustrates the top 5 actionable tips to boost your eCommerce CRO. To help, minute changes that can increase your conversion rate are overlooked. It is essential to stop and study those missing touch points that turn your site’s visitors into customers.

Product page optimization is one of the most important variables in increasing conversion rate. It is all about presenting high-quality images, videos, CTA buttons, attractive descriptions, content and the overall look and feel of your products.

Product Finder could be the best solution for eCommerce sites that want to build advanced or predictive search question. It also provides images and links, giving you, even more, options.



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