Cleaning your home does not have to feel like a boring obligation that you can’t wait to get over and done with. Not when there are countless ways you can spice things up. No need to ask how because we will be taking you through some helpful tips below. Keep reading to learn more.

Primarily, set a date for the cleaning exercise. This is important because what follows next is to tell your friends about the dirt eradication exercise and inviting them to help out. Calling up your friends not only makes it fun but also increases the manpower hence eases the workload. It would also be great to bond over a meaningful and beneficial exercise.

Next would be to delegate the cleaning duties to individuals depending on their preference and what they are good at. You can split them into groups and each group gets assigned a room, or have one set work on windows, another can cleanse rugs, mats, mattresses & upholstery, while others can scrub floors, wash walls, empty litter, or take care of the laundry.

To get the most out of each team, turn the cleaning into some sort of competition. The best cleaners for the day can walk away with a prize. This will act as motivation for your friends to do a thorough and quality job.

Turn on the music system and play some feel-good tunes for your friends. They can sing and dance to the music while disinfecting your home and making it dirt-free. Good music always sets the right mood for the occasion. Before you know it, your house will be spotless clean.

Chances are that the scrubbing and washing might drag on for an entire day. Makes sure you schedule a lunch or coffee break, during which your friends can rest and replenish their energy. This could be the time to share ideas and see how everybody is progressing. If there are any issues, they should be raised and addressed immediately. Be it a shortage of cleaning detergents or other supplies.

In the end, everybody will be happy while every corner in your home will be sparkling. Nevertheless, there are other friends you could contact to help you with the cleaning. They are more professional, skilled, and experienced. Providing quality cleaning, housekeeping, and janitorial services is what they are good at. They cover both homes and businesses within Johannesburg and its surroundings. Their rates are very affordable while the time schedules are flexible.



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