Have you heard of the latest social media app, TikTok? The app, previously known as Musical.ly, has grown to be one of the most popular social media apps. The app is similar to your typical social media app, but focuses on sharing short-form videos featuring music, lip syncing, acting, etc.. With millions of users on the app, you can follow your favorite actors, athletes, artists, or any family or friends. Just like any other social media app, there are common threats like bullying, inappropriate content, and other common threats. Make sure you know these TikTok safety tips to make sure your account is protected.

To keep kids and anyone safe while using TikTok, there are techniques and features that can help.

The infographic shows TikTok safety tips to know. Check out an in-depth look at staying safe on TikTok. Find out about TikTok safety features and their effectiveness. Read the general TikTok safety rules to follow.


Source: https://safeguarde.com/tiktok-safety-tips/

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