According to Internet Retailer’s Social Media top 500 list, the impact of social media on people’s buying and shopping activity is rising fast. In that context, this infographic describes visually the rise of social media in online retail.

To reinforce the arguments for the rising of social media in online retail, the infographic shows some valuable facts and figures. For example, social media increased its share of e-commerce referrals nearly 200% between the first quarters of 2014 and 2015.

When it comes to the growing social media audience, we should keep in mind the most popular social media sites – Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. It is estimated that 30% of Pinterest users made online purchases after browsing Pinterest content.
To catch up with the trend the major social media sites started commerce initiatives to benefit from the rising shopping activity of their users. The infographic explains what Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube have done so far to satisfy their users who are interested in online shopping.



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