This piece of research shows pollution is a problem not just for our natural environment, but for our personal health as well. GoToMeeting’s infographic demonstrates the devastating amount of pollution being released into the atmosphere from commuting alone and highlights greener working solutions.

According to the infographic, more than 70% of Aussies use a passenger vehicle to commute to and from work. The average one-way journey lasts about less than half an hour. The whole of Australia produces over 70,000,000 tons of CO2 from motor vehicles in just one year.

Even though air pollution is typically present in low levels, these toxins do no favours for our health: they can cause shortness of breath, throat irritation and chest tightness, as well as more serious lung and heart conditions after prolonged exposure. In this context, a study by Carbon Trust found that working from home for just two days a week could save up to 360kg of carbon from being emitted each year. The infographic highlights the aspects of the impact of air pollution on your health but also reveals some tips and ideas that could prevent us from the exposure to the polluted air.



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