From its invention, the Internet is constantly evolving and ever-changing. Some of older Internet users should remember the days when we browsed using a 56k dial-up connection. Back in these days there were no online video editors, online video cutters or even online video streaming. Fortunately or not, the youngest Internet users know only the high-speed Internet. So, we can say for sure that the Internet has changed significantly for a very short time. That is why, with YouTube celebrating 10th anniversary in 2105 the following infographic was created.

The infographic below shows the history of the rise of online video. Moreover, this infographic provides information what online video sharing looked like before YouТube. Besides, this infographic illustrates interesting facts about YouTube that might shock some of the readers. For example, six billion hours of video are watched on YouTube each month and so 2 trillion YouTube videos were watched in 2014. Furthermore, this great infographic shows some upcoming trends and predictions for the online video.



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