For caffeine addicts everywhere, the following infographic tells you where yo purchase your favorite coffee at a discount. You will find compared 10 popular outlets in the US and the 10 most visited cities of 2015 to find the least expensive location for coffee.

McDonald’s coffee retailed the cheapest, while The Coffee Bean takes the title for the most expensive cup of joe, as well as most expensive cappuccino. Coffee Beanery’s luxury cappuccino had the highest number of calories, and also the most expensive small cappuccino offerings. Mid-range offerings are ruled by Starbucks, who also ties for the second on the lowest calorie count per cappuccino with Caribou.

The research uncovered that a cappuccino costs more in Dubai and Hong Kong over the other cities in the sample, London ranked 7th, just behind New York and Singapore, while Istanbul was the most wallet-friendly location to get your caffeine fix.

It is estimated that Americans consume 3.14 billion pounds of coffee beans every year. That is the same weight as 15 Nimitz class aircraft carriers that are the largest in the world.



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