Caring for trees is extremely important. Especially to human beings. Here in South Africa, the benefits that come with proper care and maintenance of trees can be broken down into three main categories; financial benefits, aesthetic value, and health gains. Below is a comprehensive analysis infographic to help you get a better understanding.

Prevent Damages

Trees usually grow and develop huge branches which, with time become weak as the tree ages. This makes them very dangerous as they could crack and fall on people or property. In other cases, when their growth is not monitored, the trees are likely to grow into electric lines and cause power failure while the roots grow into sewer lines hence resulting in burst pipes. Rather than wait to shoulder the huge losses that come with these risks and damages, you can spare a few hours from your busy schedule occasionally to look after the trees.

Health Benefits

Trees are the largest producers of oxygen and consumers of carbon dioxide. Therefore, while enriching mother earth with a gas that is important for the survival of human beings and other animal species, it also gets rid of a significant amount of pollution from water, soil, and air. One single tree is said to produce up to 260 pounds of oxygen every year. This is way more than the amount required by one person annually. In fact, if you had two trees generating that amount of oxygen, it would be enough to serve an entire family of four throughout the year. As if that is not enough nobility for a single creature, trees are also credited for being the main source of clean water that is supplied to over 60 million South Africans across the country.



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