In a country of equality, the status of women in the nation is not where it should be. The following infographic focuses on the gender gap and unfair treatment of women in the business world. In their early years, about 40% of girls have tried to lose weight, and they are unhappy with their bodies. According to the infographic data, only 8% of top earners in the workplace are women.

Moreover, not to mention the low percent African-American women employees. Therefore the infographic below recommends empowering girls while they are young. Society should propel young girls forward and break the barriers that hold them back. The fact is, a lot of progress has been made when it comes to empowering girls.


Source: http://www.woozymoo.com/blogs/news/16308333-the-case-of-the-sexist-pens-why-our-girls-are-not-there-yet

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