Whether you’re familiar with the terms and opinions around homebirth, or whether you’ve never heard of it before today, homebirth is on the rise around the nation. Nursing School Hub has created an infographic entitled “Stay at Home Moms: Why More Women Are Forgoing the Hospital When Baby Comes” detailing the facts and figures behind homebirth, and why more women are beginning to birth at home since the advent of hospitals.

This infographic explores why more women are forgoing the hospital when the baby comes. According to the infographic, despite less than 5 percents of babies are born at home, this number has seen a significant increase in the last years. What is more, this infographic illustrates the trend of home birth, the benefits and risks and those involved in helping bring into the world outside a hospital setting.

As stated in the infographic, while the majority of births took place home in 1900, in 2009 the number fell to less than 1 percent. As far as ethnicity is concerned, only 1 in 90 white women chooses home to give birth to their child, opposed to 1 in 500 Hispanic women.


Source: http://www.nursingschoolhub.com/home-birth/

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