This infographic is basically about developing the study skills. It contains tips of smart work over hard work. The infographic recommends focusing on time management and incentives. It is researched that our brains find it difficult to process any new information after 90 minutes of studying. Turning studying into a game rather than a job can help. One brain stimulating tip is related with chewing gum. If you chew gum again during your exam, it can help to jog your memory.

You can read some study aids and priorities as well. Highlighting and re-reading textbooks will not improve your brain’s ability to consume information or link ideas together. Exam papers are also crucial in identifying any gaps in your knowledge so that you can prioritise what you need to really focus on.

You should be aware of your physical space and distractions. Select a location that you can designate as your „study space” which should help to improve your study performance.



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