Once it comes that time of the year – time for deep cleaning your house – you realize how boring and tedious task could be. What is more, living in a big house with your family makes it even harder for you. Depending on your organization and inner motivation, you could handle the problem in a timely manner. The following infographic shows some tips and tricks that will save you time and efforts to clean your place. The information provided in the infographic below is gathered after years of experience.

Most likely you will need to wash floors, do laundry, vacuum, throw trash and wipe surfaces. Every room in your house is specific environment so you need to treat it differently.

In your bedroom, you should wash windows and curtains as well as dust lamps and picture frames. Do not forget to declutter your wardrobe, shelves, and drawers.

Take a look at the full infographic to learn how to clean your home from ground to roof!


Source: http://www.tidymaids.com/infographic-spring-cleaning-tips-and-tricks/

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