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The seasons of the year affect your team’s sales. When advertising, do you consider demographic factors like age, gender, and location? You might want to think about including the changing seasons in that list as well. You’re likely familiar with seasonal businesses and seasonal trends.

An ice cream parlor is a great example of seasonal trends. When the weather gets warmer, there’s more demand for ice cream. When the weather gets cooler, that same ice cream shop might start to push their coffee and hot cocoa beverages more. Although the restaurant offers both products all year round, they know to push one over the other depending on the changing seasons. However, not all seasonal trends are that easy to see. For example, beer sales decrease in the fall at about the same time that wine sales start to increase. A liquor store might want to consider that information so they can promote the right product at the right time.

There are other seasons to consider too. It’s not just the four traditional seasons of spring, summer, fall, and winter. Consider other seasons like sports seasons, holiday seasons, and wedding season. All of these times of the year can have specific effects on your team’s sales.

Want your organization to grow and improve? Identify what seasonal trends affect your shoppers’ wants and needs. Need help getting started? We have a helpful infographic for you. In this infographic we show several industries and identify which seasons impact their sales. With that information, organizations in those industries, or similar industries, are able to see what opportunities their stores face depending on the season. If these organizations know what products and services to push, and when, they can keep their store growing.

Find out what seasons affect the Automotive Industry, Bookkeeping, Boutiques & Salons, Health & Wellness, Lawncare, and more.

Seasonal Trends-infographic-plaza


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