Anybody that has found themselves in a foreign country struggling to make themselves understood will no doubt have restored to hand gestures at some point. Next time you think about talking with your hands just make sure your gestures aren’t also misunderstood, or you could find yourseld in trouble with the locals. This infographic showcases the most common rude hand gestures and their meaning in different parts of the world.

The most famous rude hand gesture of all is the middle finger without any doubts. It is universally understood as a f-you to the recipient. Another very famous hand gesture is the V sign. In the UK and some of the other commonwealth countries is closer to declaration of war. Be careful if you are in Thailand and don’t even think about putting your thumb up. Surprisingly for many, keeping your hands in your pockets is a sign of rudeness in some countries such as UK, Germany and Japan. The Fig sign in some countries represents female genitalia or is a rude way of dismissing a request for help.
Check out the full list of rude hands gestures below if you are planning to travel over the world soon.



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