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Selling an old car is easy if it is in good condition, obviously. But getting the right price or deserved price is not easy at all. Because according to the market trend, a car becomes old after it is sold out from the showroom. Many will not even agree to pay 70% of its price after a month of use. You need to remember some key tips that will definitely help you get the deserved price for your old car. This infographic provides visually quick tips for selling your old car at a fair price.

First, get an idea about car’s price as comparing few websites on used car model and estimate the car’s price on the market. Next, consider increasing the resale value of your car. There are many ways to do that but here are some quick tips. Keep the engine clean and check all the fluid level. Moreover, clean the interiors and the wheel alloy.

You should always highlight the positive factors as USP and place an advertisement on the Internet. It is highly recommended to place an advertisement in the local business directory and get viral through social media.

Quick Tips for Selling Your Old Car-infographic-plaza

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