Prospective nurses have to undergo intensive training to prepare them in the proper care of patients. Moreover, as there are various places that a nurse could practice; so there exist differences, in the type of training of nursing students.

In cardiac nursing, one specializes in the care of patients with heart problems. When it comes to emergency nursing one is trained in providing prompt medical attention during medical emergencies, and so on.

Concerning assignments, they vary depending on the instructions of the supervisor. You may need to write an essay where you share your arguments, backed with evidence. In reflective writing, you get to analyze what you have learned as you describe your practice.

Other times, you may need to produce a capstone paper where you present your results in a report and presentation. It’s almost similar to writing a thesis.

Whatever the assignment, it is paramount to familiarize yourself with the topic, gather relevant information and ensure that you invest the needed effort, to completion.



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