In the 1930’s marijuana got pushed into illegality and could no longer be used for medicinal purposes. Only since the last two decades the United States are starting to realize the healing capabilities of the cannabis sativa plant. Along with the recent elections nine states voted on marijuana legalization. Eight of these states voted YES for leglization! Arkansa, Montana, Florida and North Dakota are added to the list of states that have a medical marijuana program. This means now the majority of states recognize marijuana as a medicine.

In addition, California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada voted marijuana legal for recreational use for adults 21 and over. These are great wins for marijuana users and step by step nationwide legalization seems to be coming closer. Although it will probably still take a while for the federal government to catch up. Therefore we at ILGM took it upon ourselves and made this infographic by state high level overview of marijuana laws.Enjoy and visit our site for more detailed information about legally growing marijuana.


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